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My name is Stéphanie Giovannini, and I’m texpertise. As a native English-German bilingual, texpertise offers you two for one: quality copy in both English and German – from one source. The advantages: fewer resources and lower costs; more consistency and greater authenticity.


With a strong background in journalism – Swiss News Agency (SDA) and Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) – I’ll always be a journalist at heart. Driven by curiosity, I want to understand your product: how it works; why it matters; and where it fits in. Just like your customers do.


texpertise is all about quality copy and meaningful content. Your message must stick, regardless of whether it appears in a product brochure or a media release; on a website, a social media platform, or in a blog post.




B2B and B2C marketing communications

Social media and content strategy

Copywriting and -editing, proofreading and fact-checking

Editorial guidelines and corporate wordings

Editorial process development and planning





Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is at the heart of your sales. texpertise digs deep into your products' features and helps you translate these into benefits.

Web Communications

Web communications include all online activity: corporate websites, blogs, social media platforms, and analytics. Online communications focuses on the "We not the Me" as it is about engaging, sharing, and contributing.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is your key to instilling trust, creating authenticity, and building credibility. It conveys confidence in your products and authority in your field of expertise.

Give your What the reason Why

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