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A selection of work samples


B2B product brochure introducing the wireless Roger earpiece from Phonak Communications.

Phonak Audéo V and

Phonak EasyCall

Audéo V B2C product brochure introducing Phonak's latest Venture platform and chip.

High-end B2C product brochure   targeting experienced hearing aid wearers.

Bernafon B2B product flyer targeting audiologists and hearing care specialists.

Das Klienten-Informationssystem

für Sozialarbeit

B2B flyer underpinning Bedag's expertise in developing individual software solutions (German).


Media release introducing  unique VoLTE mobile network measurement equipment.

Media release introducing Chronos hearing aids at the AudiologyNow trade show.

Media release introducing Chronos Nano RITE at the EUHA trade show (German).

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